We are like you, we are a small team with a passion for the sport. We enjoy reading about the new product releases, who we think will win the upcoming tournament, finding the nicest courses to add to the bucket list and everything else to do with golf. We have developed a knowledge of golf over years of working in the industry and playing the game, with some members of our team holding a professional status and others who position themselves as leisurely golfers, we aim to provide a wide range of content that applies to the larger audience. Therefore, we set out to bring all of that into one place with a level of quality and detail that you would also want to provide when you find something you are passionate about. In the same way the game of golf forces you into continuous improvement and development, the website takes the same approach. We aim to continuously improve our website production and quality so that it becomes a place for all your golf needs. With this in mind, please contact us here if you have any thoughts or ideas you’d like to share with us, we want to hear from you and generate a community of like minded people who love the game.