The Custom Fit Process! Everything you must know


Custom fit may sound like a service offered to golfers who are advanced and play off a decent handicap, however that couldn’t be further from the truth. Custom fitting should be a service enjoyed by all levels of players no matter your skill or physical attributes. Below we will walk you through the process and how you can best prepare and ultimately gain as much as possible from the service.


Before you book yourself in for a custom fit, there are a few things you should do and take into account so that you are best prepared when walking into the fitting bay. Make sure you are not working on major swing changes with your coach. If you are a beginner, it would be worthwhile having a lesson or two in order to learn the basics and fundamentals of the golf swing. Swinging naturally and consistently as possible will help in fitting you into a more suitable product.

Do your research on products available to be fit and what brand, club head technology and ball flight you would ideally like to achieve. There is loads of information on the internet explaining the advantages of equipment being released and compared across the industry. Keep in mind that only current products can be custom fit as these are the only components kept in the supplier warehouses. By doing your research, you will be able to conclude a suitable budget.

One more important aspect to consider when getting fit is that more often than not, you do not walk away with your clubs on the same day. Custom fit clubs need to be built by the manufacturers and could take up to six weeks to be built. Keep this in mind so you don’t miss half the season waiting on your new clubs.


Make sure to arrive to your custom fit appointment at least 20 minutes before. Notify the fitter you are present and hopefully you may gain a few warm up balls while you wait. If no warm up balls are offered, then go and buy yourself 20-30 warm up balls and get warmed up. By being warm, you can get started with the fit immediately and utilise the full time scale provided. If the custom fit is being performed in doors, then find a range to warm up at first before heading to your fit.

Don’t be afraid to explain the products you would like to try and the budget you have in mind. This will help in not wasting time testing products that you have doubts about or that are too expensive to order. 

The fit is not an audition and the fitter won’t be impressed or unimpressed by the way you strike the ball. Please don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself during the fit. Swing your normal swing and for goodness sakes don’t rapid fire golf balls out the bay! It is not an “all you can hit buffet”. Rather hit fewer balls in the bay, but pay attention to your routine and target while doing so. You are getting fit for clubs to help you perform on the golf course, not the driving range. 


Once you have narrowed down your specifications and have all the details documented, it is entirely up to you whether you go ahead with the order or not. If you have paid for the custom fit experience, then you may be entitled to the fit sheet, if you have received a free custom fit then please do not ask for the fit sheet as this may lead to an awkward conversation.

The custom fit should have been done professionally and as accurately as possible. If you feel you have received a poor custom fit, then hold off on the order of your clubs. The custom fit being done professionally and as accurately as possible leaves no doubts in ordering your new set of irons. Please don’t be a test pilot booking in appointments just to have a hit with the latest gear on the market, leave the slots for someone who would benefit from a custom fit.

To Recap:

  • Make sure you aren’t working on major swing changes before a custom fit
  • Do your research and decide on a budget
  • Pay attention to manufacturers lead times
  • Warm up before your fitting to utilise the time period effectively.
  • Don’t put yourself under pressure to show off your ball striking skills
  • If you receive a professional service and you are happy with the specifications, then make the purchase. Please don’t be a time waster and take up spots unnecessarily.

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