How to master the Bunker Shot

The Introduction

Let us begin with what we have heard most, “You have to hit behind the ball!” “Hit behind the ball and the sand will lift the ball out!” … Uh Huh, let me know how that works out for you. Today we are going to clear up any misconceptions regarding the drama filled bunker shot.

The bunker shot is dependable on your set up. Setting up correctly will ensure a higher success rate of getting the ball up and out of the bunker rolling close to the flag.

The Set Up

1. Start by conjuring up a solid base. Legs should be slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Get into a stable knee flex and make sure your toes, knees, hips and shoulders are aligned at the target (parallel left for right handers and vice versa for left handers).

2. You club face should be open allowing you to utilise more of the bounce underneath the club.

3. Make sure you ground your feet into the sand by giving it the bunker shimmy… All professionals do the bunker shimmy so you should as well.

Pulling the Trigger

4. Before you take your shot, open up your shoulders, hips, and knees so that they are pointing left of the target. By opening up your set up and keeping your toes pointed at the target, you create an exaggerated out to in swing path.

5. Swing along your exaggerated path taking the club back along your knees and shoulders line, then deliver the club through the ball, left of target.

6. The most important aspect of the bunker shot is to hit under the ball. Do not hit behind the ball and get the club stuck in the sand, but rather hit under the ball utilising the bounce and open club face effectively.

Your Swing Thoughts

7. Square feet with an open body alignment. Slide the open club face underneath the golf ball by swinging along your body line. No need for the putter, it’s a gimme!

8. Commit to the shot! Too many amateurs leave it in the sand because they are afraid to hit the ball, keep that speed up and commit to the shot and you will see the results.

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