The complete bag set up for the high handicap golfer


This article will focus on the entry level golfer, the person who wants to dip their toes into the industry and find out what all the hype is about. We all have to start somewhere so let’s make sure we get off to a good start so that the game can be enjoyed and your wallet won’t take too much of a pounding…

All major manufacturers supply equipment to suit the games of a low, medium and high handicap golfer. Handicap with regards to your playing ability rather than your physical ability. If you not sure what a golf handicap is, then this article is perfect for the start of your exploration into the game.

The Bag and Trolley

We are going to start off with a golf bag and trolley, a trolley to push your golf clubs around the course instead of carrying them. When starting out it would be ideal to push your clubs as it would save energy picking up your clubs, walking 5 yards and then putting them down again… (we’ve all been there)

The ‘MacGregor Response Cart Bag’ is an affordable and decent option to start with. The bag is functional and quite pleasing to the eye. Being a cart bag, it has a flat front so that it rests on the trolley securely without moving around while pushing your trolley.

This brings us to the next option of the set up, and that will be ‘Eze Glide Compact+ 3 wheel trolley’. The trolley folds up really well and it is easy to transport the trolley from home to the course in your vehicle, what more can you ask for? Being a 3-wheel trolley it emphasises a push rather than a pull action which has been researched and proven to be less strenuous than pulling the clubs behind you.

The Driver

The driver will be your glowing bright light my firefly friend…. It’s big, it’s beautiful and when hit correctly it is sensational! That’s the problem though, one good hit will trigger your addiction to try and repeat that hit, failing more times than you succeed. It is all part of the process and fun that this challenging game offers, so get yourself a decent forgiving driver and keep at it until you eventually break through and start hitting more good shots on succession. The Driver that will offer you beauty and ample forgiveness is the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo. The Cleveland offers a big sweet spot and the technological enhanced head and shaft compilation will help you get those tee shots flying past your playing partners’.

The Fairway Wood

We need a backup in case the driver decides to misbehave… We are going to opt for a 5 wood instead of a 3 because as we keep saying, loft is your friend when it comes to fairway woods. A solid choice in this regard would be the Wilson Staff Launch Pad 18-degree fairway wood. This badger offers you a forgiving head as well as some off set to help aid you in the hitting zone. Off set implies that the leading edge of the golf club sits slightly behind the shaft creating more forgiveness and ease of hitting.

The Hybrid

The next club we going to add to the setup is a hybrid. A hybrid is a wonderful weapon to use from the fairway, the rough and the tee box. The hybrid replaces a long iron by being easier to hit and by generating much needed distance. The hybrid we are going to stick in the bag is the Cleveland Launcher Halo 22 degree 4 hybrid. Just like its big daddy in the bag, the hybrid offers a fantastic look at address matched with technology to increase forgiveness and help get that ball into the air no matter the type of lie you are dealing with.

The Irons

A company that does an incredible job manufacturing irons to suit the games of mid to high handicapped golfers is none other than Ping. Ping offer a line of irons that are loaded with forgiveness and feel and perform absolutely great no matter where you catch the ball off the face. The Ping G410 5-SW is a necessity in your bag and will definitely help make the day more enjoyable on the course. By opting for the set make up to go from 5 iron to SW will help your budget and create a consistent gaping to improve distance control.

The Putter

Putters are personal and you will soon learn that golfers tend to drop a load of cash in the putter market. It’s never our fault for missing putts, it has to be the putter, so why not get a new one. All jokes aside, you want to get a putter that looks good at address. Looks are important and will help increase your confidence over those 3 footers. A stable go to that will help in your alignment is the Odyssey 2Ball putter. The 2Ball is a design that Odyssey own and produce in each of their models. A great option to look at is the White Hot Pro 2.0 2Ball. The insert is medium as in not to soft nor to firm. The 2Ball putter is a popular type used by many golfers including Champion golfer of the year Shane Lowry.

The Ball Retriever

Yes, we are going there! You are starting out, so you might as well look like a beginner and get a ball retriever in the set up. Now it doesn’t matter too much which model you go for, but let’s pick one that offers you a secure grab as well as some length to help reach those balls which would have been out of reach. The option to go for is the Slazenger Ball retriever as it measures 9ft fully extended and has a stable adapter to latch onto those golf balls you couldn’t by hand. It may take you a few goes to work it out, but once you got the hang of it you will be coming home with a surplus count of balls in the bag.

The Golf Ball

When starting out, you can play with anything as long as it is round… however it would benefit you to build some good habits from the start. Playing with one ball and not a variety will increase consistency and feel as you progress through the game. An option to explore would be the Srixon AD333. This is a ball for most types of golfers that offers distance from those full swings as well as green side control for all your pitch & chip shots. The Srixon is marketed quite well and does not aim to break the bank during the golf season.

The Recap:

  • The Bag –  MacGregor Response Cart Bag (£84.99)
  • The Trolley –  Eze Glide Compact + (£74.99)
  • The Driver –  Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo (£279)
  • The Fairway –  Wilson Staff Launch Pad 5 Fairway Wood (£139)
  • The Hybrid –  Cleveland Launcher Halo 22 degree (£169)
  • The Irons – Ping G410 5-SW (£759)
  • The Putter – Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 2Ball (£79.99)
  • The Ball Retriever – Slazenger (£9.00) – Here
  • The Ball – Srixon AD333 (£19.99) – Here

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