The best spikeless shoes in golf – Top 5


In this post we look at some of the best new spikeless golf shoes. We break down each pick with an assessment that should give you everything you need to make the decision. Now this review is based on a lot of personal opinions as well as the first hand feedback we have received from consumers as well as personal use.

Footjoy Pro SL

The first pick, Footjoy have been in the game for a long time and are well recognised as the go to shoes in the market. In their defence they have earned that right and they definitely hit home with the Pro SL.


Although it is personal, here at SSG we think the Pro SL models are “pretty sweet”. With numerous colour combinations and a sleek design, the Pro SL looks great with both long trousers and shorts. They are well recognised and commonly used on tour and the design has a combination of classic design with new technology that offers the modern benefits.


The comfort levels are first class. After a few rounds of walking through trees, bushes and the occasional fairway you will find that these beauties just mould to your feet, you will have no complaints on that front. However, it is fair to say that the Footjoy style does offer a slightly wider fit so people usually go down half a size. The grip is also fantastic (for a while) with a large number of smaller spikes underneath, the on course grip is great, yet due to the large number of spikes they are a little smaller and made from decent rubber so they can wear down quickly. So just make sure you don’t drag your feet in the car park, or the golf course because no one likes slow play…

Value for money  

They aren’t cheap… one of the most expensive pair of golf shoes out there in fact which is annoying. However, they can be justified because comfort is key and this model offers exactly that, style is great and quality is even better. Lightweight and waterproof so they tick all the boxes, personally I’d like to see a bit more durability in the grip but as long as you take care of them they are definitely worth the money.

Adidas Code Chaos

Adidas know how to make shoes and they have a strong foothold in every sports market, golf is no exception. Adidas have made some of the best golf shoes of all time and their new codechaos pair in our opinion fit somewhere amongst that category.


So the Adidas pair may not look as smart as the Footjoy but the quality makes up for it. Again there is a high variety of colour combinations and they look stylish with both shorts and trousers. However, in our eyes they do not have the classic stylish approach we usually see in golf shoes, they look similar to AstroTurf trainers, whereas the Adidas tour 360 spiked shoes are some of the best out there. So Adidas can provide them but this pair lack that true stylish golf design that Footjoy have managed to achieve over the years. However, the pair looks modern, athletic and stylish and do look good on the course, we’d just like to see a little more classic style instead of running trainers. Although, it can’t be said after a while of looking at them they really grow on you.


This is where they shine. With the boost technology, quality leather and durable grip in place, the Adidas pair are very comfy to wear and similar to a brand new pair of trainers they require little breaking in, you can wear these beauties straight out the shop. The traction and grip is excellent again and up there with some of the best, then again that’s why they look more like football trainers but nevertheless they perform great.

Value for money

At £129 they are not the most expensive pair on this list but they are still over £100 so not cheap by any means. Although we say that they aren’t the smartest pair out there they are still modern and stylish and look good in the majority of colours, combine that with excellent functionality and durability you can be wearing this pair for a number of years before realising the grip has worn slightly. This is an excellent pair for the money and especially considering they will last you such a long time.

Nike Air Max 1G

Nike released the air max golf shoe last year and they have seen high levels of success with it. We must admit that they did a great job here, they combined the modern trainers with a pair of spikeless golf shoes and it emerged into a well-liked and desired pair of golf shoes.


This section speaks for itself really, if you like the modern trainer style then this is for you and if you don’t then something along the lines of Footjoy and Ecco may be the way forward. For those of you who are a fan… we are too. Having owned a pair, I think they look great and surprisingly blend in quite well on the course, there aren’t too many questionable looks from the other members so that’s a bonus.


The fear I had when Nike released this pair was the traction on the bottom, I actually bought this pair with the intention of using them for work and walking around the shop but I have taken them out on the course and they perform great. The grip on the bottom is durable and I haven’t seen any issues on the course. They’re incredibly comfortable to walk around in and they offer great support underneath the heal with the air max “bubbles”. However, the main issue I had was that the last pair was a leather material which meant they were tough and durable as well as fully waterproof. This new pair is water resistant which is not the same thing and they have moved to a mesh like material to offer more comfort, this is all well and good but for most of in the UK especially… it’s not that often we go a day without rain, even in summer. With this in mind I prefer the older pair but I do believe that in sunny conditions these Nikes are very difficult to beat. If you are going on holiday, then these are the ones you should go for.

Value for money

Under the £100 mark now (only just), we are starting to look at a very good value for money pair of shoes here. Like I expressed earlier I do prefer the leather pair but this new model offers a bit more comfort and your feet do not get as warm so there are benefits to take away. Overall, I have used this pair a while for work and golf and can honestly say they are very durable, comfortable and look great, these are definitely worth the money.

Sketchers Go Golf Elite Mojo Shoes

Sketchers are a pair that you need to consider if you want comfort, they know what they are doing when it comes to this attribute because it’s what they are associated with most. The brand has been built on feedback that establishes sketchers as some of the most comfortable shoes you can buy so it’s only fair they are thrown into the top 5 spikeless golf shoes mix.


Now we know that Sketchers are typically not seen as cooler or more modern than that of competitors like Nike or Adidas, yet this pair still looks really smart with a pair of long trousers. Now granted there are some designs like the air max you’d prefer to choose but remember that a golf course requires a lot of walking (especially the way we play it), so getting something comfy and functional is key so don’t be swayed ultimately by design. They aren’t the best design out there but they look good and perform better than good.


So the comfort is key here, this pair has soft inserts and the softer textile leather material that is completely waterproof. They offer a comfortable snug fit which means walking around the course is a breeze. The grip underneath is similar to the Pro SL in respect of durability, perform great but you need to watch them for wearing down so avoid paths or dragging your feet when you can. Overall, very comfortable, fully waterproof, great grip and a secure fit.

Value for Money

Again we are over that £100 mark, however most golf shoes that offer quality are trending in that direction, we are looking for the best value pair that offers the best in each of these categories. So for the Sketchers pair, they rate highly in functionality and medium in style… they aren’t far and away the best pair but they are up there as the most comfortable which makes them worth the price tag. It depends on what the most important attribute is for your golf shoes, if it lines up with anything we have outlined here then you will have no regrets.

Under Armour Fade SL shoes

Under Armour have grown year on year within the golfing industry and they have managed to positon themselves as a competitor to the likes of Nike and Adidas. They have come a long way since the first pair of golf shoes they made for Spieth. Many people are a fan of the brand and we fall into that category with this release of this pair.


This is in summary a no nonsense pair of shoes. Quite odd to provide a summary straight away… yes, however when you look at the pair you see what we mean. No bright colours or swooping designs, it is just a pair of shoes that does the job and does it well. Simple, easy and effortless design which looks good with whatever you wear, not the coolest design out there but it looks smart and covers all grounds which appeals to a wide variety of golfers.


The trend continues here, a comfy, standard fit that isn’t too wide or too narrow, it just works well. The shoes are secure and the traction you can get off this pair work great as well. Strong rubber spikes on the bottom offer plenty of grip and also offer a comfortable and solid base to swing in. Once again, we can’t really knock it… it does everything you need it to and does it pretty well at that.

Value for money

For £90 you can’t really go wrong with this pair, it covers all grounds very well and looks smart on the course, durability is solid and they come completely waterproof with 1 year guarantee so it is fair to say for £90 you will get great value from this pair.

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