The complete bag set up for the mid handicap golfer

In this post we are going to look at the average Joe’s out there and consider what we believe would be ideal when sneaking a peek into their golf bag. The golfer demographic we are looking at generally play once a week, practices less and are also less likely to take lessons from a professional. For this golfer, finding the middle of the face is not uncommon, but let’s be honest and say there are days out there where we can’t even point to the middle, never mind hitting a ball out of it. Consistency may be a struggle, however the handicap system (When used correctly…) provides an even and enjoyable playing field for all!

The Bag and Trolley

Carrying is out of the question so you opt for a cart bag. Cart bags are all similar in design and very competitive across the leading brands. The bag you have chosen is the Ping Traverse cart golf bag for its pocket design and 14 way dividers at the top so that each club has its specific place in the bag (Let’s see how long that would last). There are two options to look at when considering a trolley. You can go for the three or four wheel manual push trolley, or you could fork out a bit and get something electric. Since you are a borderline athlete looking to benefit from the exercise aspect of golf, you have gone for the ClicGear 4.0 trolley, after dedicating a week to figuring out how to collapse and assemble the trolley you are finally confident to roll it out onto the links. Just one more word of caution before you get going, learn how to use the brake pedal next to the wheel… golf courses are currently running fast out there and it could save you and your excellent full bag (selected by us…) from going for a swim.  

Ping Traverse Cart Bag – Read more

ClicGear 4.0 Push Trolley – Read More

The Driver

Get something big and spectacular in the bag! A larger club face size gives you more room for error. As mentioned before, you are more likely to wear out the entire club face instead of the centre as Mr TW does so frequently. You have followed protocol and had a custom fit with an experienced fitter. After 30 poorly hit shots, you managed to crunch one out the centre and thought yes, there is the badger! The fitter confirms this by stating that the Ping G410 SFT (Straight Flight Technology) is on the money, thirty minutes later and it sits in the back of the car on the way to its new home.

Ping G410 SFT – Read More

The Fairway Wood

No, you may not have a 3 wood in the bag because 70% of your golf shots fail to get off the ground, so let’s settle for either a 4 wood or a 5 wood. Get some loft from the fairway so that it’s easier to hit and fundamentally speaking, it would go further as a result of your launch angle. Here is a little surprise to the bag, the new Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo – 18 degree – 5 Wood. This is a great option for those rounds when the driver decides not to behave, but also to attack those long par 5’s with your second shot.

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Fairway Wood – Read More

The Hybrid’s (Yes Plural)

Let’s be fair here…you aren’t going to smoke a 3 iron or even a 4 iron well over 200 yards, especially coming down the stretch with that fiver on the line. Get some forgiveness behind the golf ball, but keep it classy while doing so. The new Cobra King SpeedZone hybrid not only looks super sexy at address, but there is a little something something happening on the sole of the club. Don’t get caught up in the technological jargon, just swing it and feel the effortless glide of the club head through the hitting zone. Get the 4 and the 5 Hybrid in the bag and thank me later when you stiff it from 180 out on the last to seal the deal!

Cobra King SpeedZone Hybrid – Read More

The Irons

As mentioned above, you have gone with the 4 and 5 hybrid in the bag. This essentially steers your iron set up for 5 iron through to Gap wedge. Again, you have read correctly, you are going to match a gap wedge (GW) with your set and restrain from following the examples of tour players using wedge specific models throughout their wedge set up. The Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metals are definitely the way forward with the matching Gap Wedge. Mizuno are a phenomenal company when it comes to the fitting industry, offering zero ‘up charges’ (extra costs per addition) on shafts and grips that they hold in stock. Yes, they may not hold all the shaft and grip models on the market, however this does not take away from the magnitude of options that they do offer. With a custom fitting, the iron set can be ordered specifically, this means that full sets can be a combination of iron sets (combo set), so for those golfers with confidence in the short irons but a lack of confidence in the long irons, this can be catered for with a combo set.

Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal – Read More

The Wedges

This is where a little personal preference comes into play. A few factors to consider when choosing your wedges, this includes the conditions of the courses you are going to play, your swing type and your preferred chipping trajectory. The questions you need to ask yourselves include:

-Are you a fair weather golfer?

-Do you mind playing golf with 14 jumpers and a rain suit on?

-How strong is your bunker game?

-What type of grass do you play on?

Yep… I thought so, just a blank stare with the shrug of the shoulders. You are a mid-handicapper so what we suggest is that you get yourself a decent Lob Wedge, something with 60 degrees of loft and around 10 degrees of bounce. Don’t worry too much about the bounce because your trusty “Sand Wedge” at 56 degrees of loft and about a million degrees of bounce will save you out the bunker… Yes, that’s right we are going for the Cleveland CBX2 – 56 degree wedge that has been named “Life Saver” and we will match that up with the Cleveland Rotex 4 – 60 degree wedge.

Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge – Read More

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge – Read More

The Putter (Ol’ Billy Billy Billy)

TaylorMade have got it right when it comes to their Spider X range. The putters are well balanced and they feel solid off the club face. You are not teeing it up at Augusta National this year so please try to stay clear of putters with soft inserts. You already leave your putts short when under pressure… so get something in the bag with a little bounce to it. Pick your poison when it comes to the colour scheme, however I find that the Navy/White scheme works well for alignment and sight over the ball.  

TaylorMade Spider X Putter – Read More

The Golf Ball

There is a great ball fitting tool that Bridgestone offer on their website. After answering their questions, you have decided to stock up on the new Bridgestone Tour B XS as you would love some green side spin and feel. After all, how far wrong could you go if the GOAT also uses the Bridgestone nut?

Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Ball – Read More

To Recap:

Bag – Ping Traverse cart bag (£139.99)

Trolley – ClicGear 4.0 (£209 – Here)

Driver – Ping G410 SFT (£399.99)

Fairway Wood – Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo 18 degree (£179.99 – Here)

Hybrids – Cobra King SpeedZone 4H & 5H (£189 per club – Here)

Irons – Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal 5-GW (£799) (On offer here for £704)

Wedges – Cleveland RTX4 60 degree (£119 – Here) & Cleveland CBX2 56 degree (£119 – Here)

Putter – Spider X Navy/White (£269 – Here)

Ball – Bridgestone Tour B XS (£34.99 – Here)

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