Are Scotty Cameron putters worth it for your golf game?

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We’ve all been there, looking at a Scotty Cameron and weighing up whether the performance and luxury benefits justify the costs. For those of you considering, we hope this article helps and guides you in the right direction.

Choosing the right putter

Now there is some technical understanding that can benefit your decision, putters come in different shapes and sizes and there is a good reason behind it. The slimmer ‘Tiger woods’ style of putter is referred to as a “blade putter” which offers more feel and putter rotation which typically suits a putter stroke with more arc. This promotes feel and suits golfers who prefer this factor throughout their game, yet it does not necessarily promote consistency. As more rotation is involved it means putts can miss either side depending on the day, this type of putter suits a specific golfer so make sure that you play well with it and love that style before diving in, borrow a friends or test them in the local pro shop before biting the bullet.

Tiger Woods Blade Putter

On the other hand, the mallet style head is designed to help and offer as much forgiveness, stability and alignment as possible, this doesn’t mean that these putters should only be used by those of a lesser ability in golf, its preference. This is clear as the mallet style is often used by ‘Adam Scott’ which is designed specifically for weight dispersion and has minimal potential rotation as well as promoting a higher MOI (Moment of Inertia) which again basically mean more stability for straight back and straight through swings as well as having more forgiveness for off centred strikes. This remained the same for Adam even after the golf rules changed from allowing putters to be anchored. Now yes, the putter can still rotate but I would not try to prove that if you want to hole putts… just keep it simple, so one key is to make sure you know what you like as well as matching the appropriate stroke for that putter style.

Adam Scott Mallet Putter

The Personal Notes

Now we look at the Scotty Cameron putters in general, the putters consist of high quality 303 stainless steel along with stunning finish quality that offers a premium feel, it’s safe to say the first impressions when you use a milled Scotty Cameron is definitely a good one. They come with a hefty price tag but they do have a feel and presence that emits high quality, a stainless steel milled putter does have a different feel to those with inserts like Odyssey and TaylorMade but in honesty it is personal. The preferred feel of a putter comes down to preference but typically people prefer a milled steel putter because of the excellent roll, feel and consistency that comes off the face and it is especially noticed on the golf course rather than in the shop. With this in mind, if you are considering a Scotty Cameron, it is best to look toward the true milled faces without inserts, this is with the exception of the copper insert usually found in the ‘Teryllium’, the copper feel does offer a soft and smooth role. When Scotty Cameron implemented inserts in their Select range the theory behind the idea was that with a dampening membrane between the insert and putter head it would offer nicer and softer feel. Personally, this is not the case and having an insert just gave the putters a slightly “clicky” type of feel. It isn’t enough to put you off but if you want an honest opinion the true milled face is better in every category. Also, one thing to factor in is that along with an excellent feel, the Scotty Cameron putters tend to roll out further than that of an insert, with better quality putters they feel heavier and don’t require as much force which most people find offers more consistency and I can honestly say it has in my opinion.

Scotty Cameron Newport 2

The Justification

Now the putter is as most people know, the way to get your handicap down… if you want to improve your golf game then the first place to analyse is on the putting green after a round on the course. Knocking 3+ shots off a round can be the result of better pace on the greens or more confidence over the short putts, it doesn’t necessarily come from a drive that goes an extra 14 yards. So it makes sense that if you are going to invest in your golf game somewhere, it should be on a club that you hit the most in a round, gives you increased confidence and can (when fitted correctly) drastically improve your golf game. That being said it is expensive so my advice would be for those who are in to their golf and a fan of the game and definitely want to improve… yes it is worth it on the condition you get fitted accordingly and have the right length, style and putter grip because all factors impact the performance. For those who do not play so often and half like it with little intention of practice… I’d say look at cheaper options first like some Odysseys or Pings but if they do not quite meet what you are looking for then by all means go for it, you won’t regret it. And finally for those who have little interest in general, being honest I’m surprised you are reading this post but I do appreciate you doing so… check out some top class budget putters from Ben Ross, TaylorMade and Rife, there are some hidden gems out there that mean you don’t have to heavily invest in a game you only play every now and again.


Overall my advice is this, if you love the game and want to get better then it’s worth it, I love the feel and look every time I get over the ball and I personally never get tired of my Scotty, just ensure that you get a balance of what you want as well as what’s needed. Putting is incredibly personal so get something that gives you confidence as well as results, you have to love the look of it in order to actually game the club so don’t get talked into the numbers too much, find the putter that gives you that “now we’re talking” vibe when you pick it up as well as good consistent numbers. Do not go for the one you are not keen on but gives effective numbers (usually the most expensive model). So do your research, check out the pro’s and descriptions from manufactures and settle on an idea of what you want and then get fitted. For me, I was inspired by the Justin Thomas style putter, the Scotty Cameron Futura X5, the reasons were based on the design which I love and I needed something face balanced (mallet style) and a bit longer at 35 inches, so it met the criteria and I can honestly say I love it and have for 5 years without any temptation to change.

Scotty Cameron Futura X5

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