The irons of the year… Again? – TaylorMade P790 Review

When they first came out the P790 range was by far the most popular club I fitted for customers. The iron set seemed to develop the right balance between the desire for slim player’s irons and the distance and forgiveness irons we need. A difficult thing to do for manufacturers is developing an iron that covers both ranges. However, TaylorMade worked up an excellent balance in the release of the P790 set. Now we won’t go in depth about the previous model as the newly developed P790 is here and well I can thankfully say that little has changed.

Lets talk tech

Although this club is a hollow design it does in fact have a forged face construction. The new model has been developed with a thinner and progressively engineered design that maximises the COR (Coefficient of restitution) area of the face… (what?) yeah we thought the same, basically it means that the thinner face produces faster ball speeds at impact… AKA more distance. And credit where it is due, the feel of the P790 range is fantastic and really does have a lot of distance, yes this is a combination of loft and other technologies but it cannot go unnoticed that when you test these irons you really do see results.

Now combine this forged face with their patented ‘Speedfoam’ injected to fill the hollow construction of the head. In theory it boasts distance and feel but the distance mainly comes from the strong lofts, however, the feel and sound as a result of this technology is excellent. The foam genuinely gives a soft dampened feel and sound that does make it a pleasure to hit these irons. The distance factor is less so as the Ping i500 set boasts a similar construction without the ‘Speefoam’ and similar distance can be noticed yet the feel is a long way off the first class P790.

The next tech advancement from TaylorMade is their ‘Low profile tungsten weighting’. Tungsten is commonly used in irons due to its density and heavier state, this means when TaylorMade position the tungsten weight lower on the face it alters the centre of gravity (CG)… by that we mean the sweet spot, and as a result this provides higher launch off the face which is something most players struggle with. They have been somewhat forced into doing this because of their stronger lofts but it is still a sensible design that offers better, higher and most likely more consistent shots.


The specs for the P790 set are shown above, now the traditional loft of a 7 iron sits around 34 degrees. In the P790 range it sits at 30.5 which is effectively playing a club more than the standard, hence the extra distance and low CG placement. Although this tends to be the direction most manufacturers are moving in, it is often found in cast irons that solely focus on distance and forgiveness with less concern for feel. This makes TaylorMade’s set such a popular choice for the modern game, with extra distance in the bag and technology to counteract the lower flight combined with soft feel, on paper alone this set covers such a large amount of boxes that consumers want ticking, this leads us to the design.


With a smooth overall design, no jagged edges and a satin finish, from a distance this iron looks like a low handicap iron and in fact it can be. The longer irons are often seen in the bags of professionals such as McIlroy’s 2 iron and Molinari’s long irons when he won the The Open Chanpionship. But the design itself is not to bulky and not to slim… as has been clear throughout this review they sit somewhere in the middle but continue to appeal to such a wide range of players. Although this is a personal factor that a lot of people think shouldn’t matter, it does… you want to look down at something that gives you a balance of “wow” and confidence so make sure you always factor it.


To recap, this set covers such a large range of handicaps and I have seen numerous different player’s of different abilities gaming these, from professionals all the way to 20 handicaps. For me, this is a fantastic performing and looking set that you should definitely test if you are considering switching up the bag this year in order to hustle your mates…

Buy them here: 4-PW (£999)

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