The complete bag set up for the low handicap golfer

For all the big Ricks and the steady Eddies out there, let’s have a look at the ultimate bag to step onto the first tee with. This article will stable your stance in the golfing world and make sure you at least look like you know what you are doing. Although, you may find one or two hustlers out there showing up with their shirts “untucked”, cap backwards and woods missing head covers. This does not appeal to you. For all other classy individuals, we will take a dive into the golf bag and build some confidence…

The Bag

The bag… all experienced golfers first look at your golf bag and their assumptions begin. Are you carrying your bag or do you have a trolley? I am not in a position to give medical advice pertaining to back stress etc… but for goodness sakes, if you can carry then carry your bag and gain some experience points. Hands down the market leader in producing functional, sexy and stable stand bags has to be Ping, therefore we recommend the Ping Hoofer. The elegance matched with its lightweight construction ensures a comfortable carry around the course. Their actual stands (legs) are by far the sturdiest on the market, while their straps have always proven to fit more comfortably.

Check it out here: Ping Hoofer Bag

The Big Stick (Driver)

First tee par 4/5… You obviously haven’t gone to the range and hit 200 Prov1s displayed in a neat pyramid with your name in lights on a board behind you. Nope, you have arrived to the course 15 minutes before your tee time, said hello to Fred and discussed George’s 61 Nett last week to your local Pro who has heard that same story all morning from the other 35 members who have teed off prior to you. Following on… so you are on the first tee with about 4 minutes before your tee time, the play should be an iron into position to give you a “good yardage for the second”, we’ve all heard it, however the iron brings the starters cabin 15 yards adjacent to the tee box into play… sorry but the old trusty lateral will have to wait, so you pull the head cover off to reveal the Cobra King SpeedZone accompanied with the ample amount of room to mishit your first tee shot and still get it out there. Theoretically speaking, you have been fit perfectly for the Hazardous Smoke 6.0 stiff shaft, standard in length featuring a Lamkin Cobra standard grip which obviously does not match the other clubs in your bag (“Spend the extra tenner and have all your grips matching to create consistency in feel”). All of this is of course after you had hit around 20 balls in warm up prior to your fitting, hit a further 50 balls during the fit, settling finally on your New Cobra King SpeedZone which has eventually come out with optimum spin, carry and launch angle. First Tee, we all know there ain’t no optimum coming out of the tee shot you are about to hit, but don’t panic as you may surprise yourself but will surely warm up as the round progresses and then thank your fitter on hole 14 when you hit your day’s best with your partners making sure to inform you of the occurrence.

Check it out here: Cobra SpeedZone Driver

The Fairway

During the same fitting that convinced you the Cobra King SpeedZone was ideal for your swing as well as producing optimal numbers, you were persuaded to be fit for a fairway wood. After hitting a few variations, your numbers reveal that the TaylorMade Sim Max fairway delivers both on the number spectrum as well as the appearance factors. The fairway sits flush to the ground, the carbon crown promotes the feeling that this bad boy is going to go a mile, and the club is relatively light compared to its competitors contributing to much needed swing speed.

Check it out here: Taylormade Sim Max Fairway

The Utility Iron

You are a player and you have no problem striking an iron, that is after you have performed a decent warm up… Starter huts don’t come into play when you have prepared effectively. There is only one option that you have considered to go with, and that is the Wilson Staff Model utility. Yes… that’s right, Wilson have made a comeback and will soon be back in the bags of the elite instead of floating around the high handicapper’s market. You have decided to stick the 18 degrees in the bag matching with KBS Tour shafts in your irons which are detailed below. The utility is not the only Wilson product in your bag as you will soon find out later on in the article…

Check it out here: Wilson Utility Irons

The Irons

Irons are a thing of beauty; you may not always hit them well but the way they look makes up for any poor strikes. If we could all play blades, then old school would definitely rule in the bag set up. Seeing as it is generally cold in the UK, we are going to opt out of the stinging off centred hits and venture towards a player’s alternative… You have heard of the name, but have you heard of their equipment? Ben Hogan Golf has introduced a pure strike to the market in the form of their Icon Irons. These beauties not only look incredible, but the engineering behind the club promises to deliver results both from the fairway and from the rough. These irons can be customised online and we suggest you choose the KBS Tour V shaft as it delivers a stable performance in a light weight option. Companies do a great job in matching preferred shaft options with their selected head combinations. The Icons are available in a chrome finish as well as a darker Diamond Black Metal finish. You have gone for the chrome finish to keep it classy and classic, after all that is what Mr. Hogan would have wanted…

Check it out here: Ben Hogan Icon Irons


I mentioned earlier that Wilson would make another appearance in the golf bag, and here it is in the form of their new Staff Model Wedges. You are very picky when it comes to your wedges with the way they look, feel and perform are vital boxes to check. The Staff Model Wedges look amazing. They sit flush behind the ball and their shape is simple, authentic and promotes a well struck pitch. The wedges are forged which offers a soft feel with accurate feedback from every shot. They also perform well in the “oh geez get down” category. The spin they generate is healthy and promotes maximum control when it comes to seeking out those tight flags after your super aggressive approaches. These wedges got put straight into your golf bag without a second thought.

Check it out here: Wilson Staff Model Wedges

The Money Maker (Putter)

You obviously don’t practice your putting the way you should do… Emphasis primarily on ball striking, hitting bombs on the range with little to no dedication to the money maker, unless it is a few strokes while waiting for the group ahead of you to tee off. The putter you have in the bag is the new Ping Heppler ZB3 thing of beauty! Yes, it promotes a strong arc, but who cares when you have elegance in the bag which looks incredible at address. There is a major positive that Ping have introduced recently to their line of putters, this is the ability to alter the length of the putter with a range of movement from standard 34 inches to 36 inches. This is an ideal concept which allows you to set the putter to the perfect length and leads to a more fluid stroke. Also, the colour contrast aids in alignment, and one massive positive is no insert or groves on the face. The standard old flat face which in my opinion promotes a more consistent roll with off centre strikes.

Check it out here: Ping Heppler ZB3

The Nut (Golf Ball)

Finally, you have decided to turn your game around this season and focus on consistency. This starts with the golf ball you use… No more beginning a round with a Titleist ProV1 and ending with a Top Flight XL3000. You have now filled your golf bag with one type of golf ball after research find a ball to best match your game and requirements. Because you hit the ball relatively high and require some assistance in windy conditions without sacrificing “oh geez get down”, you have narrowed down your options to the Srixon Z Star XV golf ball. This butter nut performs exceptionally well in windy conditions as well as promoting a more penetrating trajectory while adding some spice to those pitch shots.

Check it out here: Srixon Z Star XV

To recap with all jokes aside:

Bag – Ping Hoofer (£159.99)

Driver – Cobra King SpeedZone (£339.99 – Here)

Fairway – TaylorMade Sim Max (£229 – Here)

Utility – Wilson Staff Model 18 degree (£169 – Here)

Irons – Ben Hogan Icon 4-pw (£765)

Wedges – Wilson Staff Model (£99 – Here)

Putter – Ping Heppler ZB3 (£219)

Ball – Srixon Z Star XV 2019 (£32 – Here)

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