TaylorMade SIM Driver Review


TaylorMade have always been amongst the top tier when considering the best drivers for our game. TaylorMade clubs are in the bags of some of the best players in the world and for good reason, although we know that player sponsorship’s mean the clubs are there in return for a paycheck, it should not impact the consumer perspective of quality that this range produces. On paper it ticks all boxes, however from personal experience and years of custom fitting knowledge, this range does not suit every player. Starting with the technical enhancements we look at the Twist Face, this is a nice idea and has been marketed expertly by TaylorMade and its players. Yes this technology turned a lot of heads and made a lot of sense but we’d be lying if we said you could notice it on every bad shot. The face design and so called twists at the heel and toe of the face are very minimal and difficult to notice, especially at address. Not that you should be disappointed as this could be distracting to look at, however the minimal design feature means minimal performance and bad shots will still be punished as you’d expect.

The Loft sleeve

Next, the loft sleeve technology can be considered effective and does help golfers who desire that adjustability feature, you should however be aware that changing the loft of any club does change it’s address position so make sure you are aware of how your club is fully set up, we always recommend custom fitting for new product, this gives you full confidence that the club matches your needs.


Speed Foam

The next technology they boast is the speed injected foam that goes into the face of each driver to deliver faster ball speed. Now this is used in the P790 irons which I would be truthful in saying is a fantastic set that applies to a wide range of golfers. However, the ‘speed foam’ is once again hard to notice in comparison to other modern drivers, TaylorMade have always marketed speed as a key attribute of their drivers and this new development does not really break the market. Conversely, in the irons the foam offers a softer dampened feel which can be noticed but the driver is designed to be hit harder and the face is not forged, combining this together it is fair to say that the speed injected foam is just more marketing.

Shape In Motion (SIM)

Their latest development is the ‘Shape In Motion’ (SIM) design. This looks at lowering the centre of gravity (CG) on the sole of the driver to create a more aerodynamic shape, this one is shall we say quite technical and hard to prove drastic differences. One factor we must note is that this shape is very similar to the Cobra F9 which saw huge success as a great all round driver, this meant cobra had delays and back logs in their manufacturing process due to the sheer demand. A direct test between the previous M6 and the SIM Max, shows that my club head speed had in fact increased and more distance was achieve on average. Although the average club head speed increase was around 2mph, the smash factor had increased and a greater carry distance emerged along with low spin which meant the total distance was more than its predecessor. Yes it may require in depth testing but the initial test means I would argue that TaylorMade’s new SIM shape has increased performance and speed over its previous models.

To Conclude

Overall, the SIM range has a lot of great attributes that help it achieve distance and potentially more so than any other driver in the market. Although it is marketed as a combination of distance and forgiveness, forgiveness is not something that I would associate with this range. With a focus for speed and low spin (which they have achieved) the SIM range offers max distance but less consistency. This is because low spin makes it harder to get the ball in the air and harder to control. A trade off that some players would be willing to make. Therefore, If you are looking for more distance alone then this would be the way to go, on the other hand if you desire more consistency over anything else then we would suggest testing a few other drivers in the market as they may suit your game better. The best method for finding the right driver is a customer fitting process, this way the driver can be altered to suit your desired shape and the shaft can be selected to match your goals.

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