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The Custom Fit Process! Everything you must know

Introduction Custom fit may sound like a service offered to golfers who are advanced and play off a decent handicap, however that couldn’t be further from the truth. Custom fitting should be a service enjoyed by all levels of players no matter your skill or physical attributes. Below we will walk you through the process […]

GPS vs Range Finder: Choosing A Distance Measuring Device

Introduction Technology has come a long way in recent years and especially when we consider GPS tracking. You use it all the time in your car or walking about a new area following the robotic melody of a lady voicing directions and hopefully signing off with a “you have arrived at your destination” statement. Let […]

Honma TR21 X Irons – Irons you have not considered…yet?

Background Although they seem relatively new on the scene, Honma are actually a long standing brand and have been around since 1959. They have made quality products over the years but have been primarily focused on the Japanese market, only recently have the rest of the world seen what they are capable of. A lot […]


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